What You May Find in a National Home Warranty Review

Since 1986, National Home Warranty has provided premier and affordable warranty products to single family homeowners, homebuyers, real estate agents, and property managers in Nevada and now in Arizona. National Home Warranty reviews it products all of the time to ensure it offers the best warranty products and services on the market today. Here are several reasons why customers choose National Home Warranty.

In-house Contracting:  A warranty product is only as good as the contractors who perform the work. National Home Warranty hires contractors who are fully-licensed in the services National Home Warranty offers. National Home Warranty stands by their contractors, and their contractors perform repairs many other warranty companies cannot offer.

Quick Turn-Around: It can be frustrating to submit a claim for a repair on an appliance or a broken HVAC system, and then the company processing it gets delayed. One of the reasons why National Home Warranty enjoys the highest renewal rate in the industry is because it gets claims processed quickly. It’s common to submit a claim one day and have a contractor over the next day to repair it.

Affordability: The reason why someone might purchase a warranty product is to save money in the long run on repairs. If the price of the warranty product is too expensive where it becomes unaffordable, the purpose of the warranty is no longer applicable. National Home Warranty reviews its prices to make sure they are affordable and, at the very least, comparable to industry standards. It also offers discounts and rebates to qualifying customers.

If you’re looking for a home warranty company that offers affordable and quality warranty products addressing HVAC, plumbing, pool, and other repairs, consider National Home Warranty. Visit www.NHWUSA.com to learn more.